Maryanne Kelly, M.A., Life Coach


Life Coaching

The first hour of coaching is free of charge.  It will give you the opportunity to talk with Maryanne and see how you can work together.  In this session you will begin the process of clarifying what you need, and identifying your desired changes and goals.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to truly assess your own willingness to do what it takes to reach your goals.  At the end of the session, you will have a much better idea of how much Life Coaching can improve your life.

After the initial session, any sessions purchased individually are $80 per hour. Session packages are available for a discounted price (see below).  All packages must be prepaid, and are non-refundable.

If a follow-up session is prepaid, you will have unlimited access to communicate with Maryanne via text or email between sessions.  This is available between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m., seven days a week.


Session packages:

    3 sessions: $225 ($15 discount)

    5 sessions: $350 ($50 discount)

    7-10 sessions: $420-$600 ($140-200 discount)


Healing Grief Groups

Healing Grief Groups are conducted from time to time throughout the year.  There is no charge for the Healing Grief Groups, but you must pre-register and commit to attend all 8 sessions.  Healing Grief Groups are limited to 8 participants at a time.  Call 928-227-8184 to get more information.

International Association for Near-Death Studies Group (IANDS)

The IANDS group has not yet formed, but when there is sufficent interest, it will begin and be free of charge.

Gift Certificates
Change someone's life by giving a gift certificate!  Rates for one or more sessions are the same as session rates above.

Payment Methods

  • Credit card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express)
  • Check
  • Cash