Maryanne Kelly, M.A., Life Coach

Although she is licensed as a counselor in other states, in Arizona she works only as a life coach, and does not perform counseling services.  A life coach performs very different services, as is explained in "Is a Life Coach a Counselor?"

In addition to a background in counseling, she has professional experience as a hospice counselor and chaplain. One of her passions is supporting the dying and their families, and those who are grieving.  She is a founding member of a local near death experiences group, and also the owner of I Organize 4 You, LLC, a professional organizing business (www.IOrganize4You.com)

Maryanne is married with three grown children and several furry canine and feline family members.


Maryanne is a seasoned professional, having worked for over 30 years as a counselor and business owner. Skilled at assisting clients in the journey toward their potential, she will support you in your experience of transformation, growth and fulfillment of your goals. With a positive focus she has been described as "...a calm and joyful presence," and "...so easy to talk to."

Maryanne has an M.A. in Counseling and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology. She is a fully licensed counselor in both Michigan and Florida, and is a National Certified Counselor through the National Board of Certified Counselors.