Maryanne Kelly, M.A., Life Coach


What is life coaching, and how can it help me?

Life coaching is a process that can lead you to a life of increased fulfillment and joy, with less stress.  It is defining your goals with focused clarity, and achieving them with ongoing motivation and support.  If you are ready to take action and make changes, read on about the many ways Maryanne Kelly can assist as you change your life!

​       • Defining your goals and having support as you achieve them

       • Making difficult decisions with peace and satisfaction

       • Overcoming roadblocks in your life and moving beyond them

       • Achieving dynamic career growth and goals

       • Moving with serenity and grace through life stage transitions such as marriage, divorce, empty nest,

          loss, decline of abilities, aging, dying, etc.

       • Improving relationships through your actions

       • Reaching mutual goals as a couple

       • Simplifying and organizing your life, reducing stress

       • Increasing your confidence and self-acceptance

       • Bringing about personal and spiritual growth, within your beliefs and values

       • Determining your life's purpose

       • Creating a meaningful life after a loss

       • Learning to live with joy despite ongoing problems

       • Finding the strength and courage to live life openly, on your terms

Tell me more about the coaching process

Coaching has three basic steps:

1.  Identifying your target goals.  Deciding how you want your life to change.  Some clients arrive already clear about their intentions, while others spend more time defining their goals.  Each session is individually tailored to what you want to achieve through coaching.  While working with Maryanne you will achieve clarity in defining realistic, reachable goals.

2.  Planning your steps to achievement.  Together we will create a step-by-step organized process for you to use as you work toward the changes you want in your life.  Often your dreams can feel overwhelming or too big and confusing to achieve.  Breaking down each part into do-able steps provides you with clear actions you can take, moving you ever closer to your objective.

3.  Following through.  As you take action, you may want someone to help make sure you carry through with each task. Maryanne can provide accountability through ongoing communication with you between sessions, reminding you of your motivations and working with you to eliminate stumbling blocks that get in your way.  You will have a partner who provides ongoing support as you go through the process, and who helps see you through to your goals.

What is an appointment like?

Life coaching is a partnership between you and Maryanne.  You work as a team, with you as the expert and Maryanne as your supportive partner.  During the first session you will start by clarifying your goals.  If your goals are not crystal clear, Maryanne will assist as you define them in detail.  This process may involve reviewing the balance in your life, your values, your desires and motivations.  It definitely involves identifying your strengths and skills, some of which you may not be aware of!  This may take one session or several, depending on your needs.  As soon as you are ready you will move on to creating realistic, achievable steps to reach each goal.  With ongoing support, coaching, feedback and accountability opportunities, Maryanne will see you through to your new achievements!

What do you mean by accountability?  I'm not sure if I want that!

Accountability is optional.  Part of life coaching is the opportunity to have someone stay in touch with you as you move towards your goals.  If you wish, Maryanne can provide accountability by helping you to stay on target as you complete each step.  One way this works is through emails and text messages between sessions, communicating as you need for focus and reporting on your progress.  Having someone to answer to as you take action helps most clients ensure that they don't get off track or lose sight of their goal, or procrastinate.  Providing accountability is one service Maryanne can provide should you desire it.

What is the difference between a life coach and a counselor?

Life coaching and therapy are two very different processes.  Counseling is about diagnosing problems and directing the patient towards healing from emotional pain and old wounds.  The counselor helps patients to see what is wrong or dysfunctional and helps them to make changes.

Life coaching is action- and future-oriented, assisting clients as they discover their own solutions around barriers, moving beyond 'stuck,' and deciding how to change and improve their lives.  Coaching is a highly positive partnership that focuses on what can be done now and in the future.  You are in charge!

Are our sessions confidential?

Completely confidential.  Having worked as a licensed counselor in the past, Maryanne understands the importance of confidentiality and always maintains it to the utmost.  A gifted life guide, she provides complete acceptance of who you are, respecting all privacy.  The only exception to this would be if you discuss serious harm towards yourself, or if you know of serious threats to others.

Tell me more about the IANDS group

IANDS stands for the International Association of Near Death Studies.  The North Central Arizona branch is located in Prescott and provides support and fellowship for those who have had near-death experiences or spiritually transformative experiences.  Members can share their stories, explore questions, and provide support and acceptance for those seeking it.

What is I Organize 4 You, and what does it have to do with life coaching?

I Organize 4 You is a business affiliated with Maryanne Kelly, Life Coach.  At times, people using life coaching find their goals can be more easily reached with organizational assistance.  When needed, I Organize 4 You can provide organizing services for your home, business, or daily living.  This is offered at a discounted rate for clients of Maryanne Kelly, Life Coach.  See IOrganize4You.com for more information.